Football Firing Raises Concerns at FAMU


Less than 24 hours after the firing of Florida A&M University head football coach Earl Holmes, Rattler fans and community members are still seeking insight into the university’s unprecedented firing.
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Mississippi Valley State Growing Opportunities in Public Health, Athletic Outreach


With campus and community based efforts to fight obesity and related diseases, Mississippi Valley State University is emerging as a valuable public health resource in the Delta region of the state.
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WATCH – Trailer for ‘Beyond This Place’ Black Greek Letter Organizations Documentary

Days remain in a Kickstarter campaign for ‘Beyond This Place,’ a documentary project centered on the historical and contemporary value of Black Greek Letter Organizations (BGLO).
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Lincoln Faculty Follow Alumni in No-Confidence Vote for Robert Jennings


Less than five months after members of The Lincoln University of Pennsylvania filed a vote of no-confidence against president Robert Jennings, faculty members at the university have followed suit.
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Morehouse Researchers Create Analytics Tool To Reduce Black Youth Incarceration


Faculty and student researchers at Morehouse College are measuring juvenile detention reform programs nationwide to quickly analyze and list sites with the highest success rate of keeping Black youth out of prison.
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HBCU Digest Podcast Series – Thurgood Marshall College Fund President, CEO Johnny Taylor

Thurgood Marshall College Fund President, CEO Johnny Taylor talks new rule making in the federal Parent PLUS Loan program, how it impacts funding for today’s HBCU students, and what we can do to spur more concern about it’s potentially adverse impact.
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Morgan State, XULA Receive More Than $40 Million in NIH Research Grants

Morgan State University and Xavier University of Louisiana were among several historically Black colleges and universities to receive research and development funding from the National Institutes of Health, aimed at increasing nationwide diversity in health and medical fields. Many of the HBCUs will work in partnership with the agency, along with other colleges and universities aimed at training future medical practitioners and researchers from underrepresented populations.
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‘Dear White People’ Movement Must Spur Historically Black ‘Welcome Back’ Movement


It’s hard not to notice the growing discontent of our young, Black scholars at predominantly white, Ivy League institutions.  We aren’t comfortable at Harvard. We aren’t comfortable at Michigan. We aren’t comfortable at UCLA. We aren’t comfortable at Alabama.

And these are just the examples of the schools making national headlines for racial animus, with all serving as the backdrop for the film ‘Dear White People;’ a satire that goes to the heart of when neglected and maligned campus identity and culture brings an alleged melting pot to a full boil.

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Dream the Boldest Dreams – 2014 HBCUStory Symposium Schedule


With only a sixth-grade education, Dr. Johnnetta B. Cole self-made millionaire great-grandfather Abraham Lincoln Lewis  — whom she affectionately called “Fafa”  — was a benefactor to Florida A&M, Bethune-Cookman and Florida Memorial universities. Her father attended Howard University. Her mother, who was registrar at Jacksonville’s Edward Waters College, had graduated from Wilberforce University in 1930.
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HBCU Sports and the Culture We Keep

An internal investigation into academic fraud at varying levels at the University of North Carolina reveals that athletes were given paper classes and preferential treatment for the better part of 18 years. It remains to be seen what kind of punishment the NCAA will mete out for the Tar Heels, but the salacious story introduces an interesting discussion on the cross sections of education, business, race and morality – and the Black athletes at the center of it all.

For all of the rhetoric about ineffective leadership, outdated missions and low-resources at HBCUs, there is a guilty pleasure to be had in reading this story of teachers, coaches, boosters, administrators and athletes behaving badly. HBCUs get a lot of things wrong, and usually because the tools and personnel necessary to do things right are hard to come by and nearly impossible to afford.

But what HBCUs typically don’t do, regardless of size, mission, geography or endowment, is cheat and exploit Black athletes, and particularly Black men, out of education.
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