Alpha Kappa Alpha Responds to Howard Students’ Lawsuit

Read the full legal response from AKA here.

  • Ivy Jones

    Let us remember that the BGLOs are on any camus at the invitation of the College or University. Howard has a cap of 65 BUT required all BGLOs to maintain membership in and adhere to the rules of the National Panhelnic Concil. NPC’s rules state that there will be a cap of 50 and that any organization with a legacy clause shall reserve ONLY 1/3 of of those spaces for persons entering the organization under a legacy status; AND that those spaces MUST first be filled by sophomores, then juniors and finally senoirs. The reason why “the AKA Howard Chapter couldn’t allow just two more young women who obviously grew up close to the work of this organization because their mothers are AKAs, to join their pledge line” is because there were no more legacy spaces. There ere 9 sophomores and 8 juniors (17). By the way there were a total of 13 legacy seniors only those two chose to try to sue their way into Alpha Chapter, the other 11 are probably awaiting MIP in graduate chapters wherevere they may reside. To admit these two would have violated the rules of NPC and Howard University putting the whole chapter at risk of expulsion from the university. In watching the FOX5 interview given by one of the girls and her mother it seemed that the mother was more concerned about the daughter being an “Alpha Chapter Girl” than in her being a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. I don’t think that suing the sorority was the right move.

  • ChooChoo

    Howard has line caps and AKA only conducts MIP at Howard every two years. If they accepted all of the legacies that applied, every line would be 100% legacy–there would be no room for non-legacies. This means that the Howard chapter has probably incorporated into its constitution and bylaws a stipulation that a certain number (or maybe percentage) of accepted applicants will be legacy and the rest non-legacies. So, they pick the cream of the crop of legacies and likewise the cream of the crop of non-legacies. (BTW, the “cream of the crop” doesn’t include women who have proven themselves untrustworthy.) Numerous other legacies were denied this year, not just those two, so I’m glad the chapter is standing firm and not allowing these squeaky wheels to prevail; a cap is a cap and bylaws were written to be followed. Atleast one or two at every intake my grad chapter does are legacies who went to HBCUs. It’s life. AKA needs a to put a cap on crazies. *roll eyes*

  • Cynthia Feaster

    As an active member of an African American sorority from 1970 to the present, I am disappointed with some of the stories that I have heard over the years regarding the pledge intake process. I can’t understand why the AKA Howard Chapter couldn’t allow just two more young women who obviously grew up close to the work of this organization because their mothers are AKAs, to join their pledge line. I disagree with AKA’s legal response because it implicitly condones the debased manner in which these two young women were treated in their quest to make the pledge line. When my son pledged not long ago I prayed everyday for him to complete that process without physical injury, because some of what he and the Brothers on his line were asked to do was silly and very dangerous. The entire intake process on HBCU campuses and probably other campuses as well that have African American sororities and fraternities, needs to be very very closely monitored by RESPONSIBLE adults who will insure that ALL aspirants are treated with respect, consideration and dignity throughout the entire process: from the pre-pledge period, through the application process, to the interview, and to whatever the final outcome will be. I have high regard for AKA as an organization for African American women but I am disappointed at their response to the Howard students who felt they had to take the drastic step of suing this organization in order to have them honor what all of us who are Greek org members definitely know- Legacy DOES matter when your son, daughter or sibling is applying for membership and to some extent is given conideration

  • Sistergirl

    I’m a member of one of the Divine Nine. The Legacy Clause in most organization means preference. One still have to do their part. One cannot be arrogant and wait until their Senior Year and feel you will get automatic acceptance. That is not fair to the other ladies on the line. Really, it shows that you only care for the letters and have NO desire to contribute to the organization. If a legacy really wants to join and they understand their campus limit then one shouldn’t be offended when one ask you to join on the grad level so a non legacy has an opportunity to join. Your not going to b e denied as a grad member.

    It seems to me that this is just another example of a helicopter mom who is just embrassed that her baby was denied. Mom should have read the bylaws and communicated with the campus advisers. Its a personal issue not a legal one but money some feel can even buy membership.

    This is sad and adding to hurting our organizations.

  • Divine 9 member

    Do those outside of Greek organizations now hold all of the power of entrance into the same? (From previous article)

    Gladly the answer to that question is No. I am not a member of AKA, but I am a member of one of the Divine Nine. It is important for us to support one another for the right thing, even when the right thing is not the most popular.

    The Divine 9, have high standards for accepting person into our organizations and one of them is not entitlement.