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Can Delta Sigma Theta Save Alabama State?

To be clear, Alabama State University President Gwendolyn Boyd needs no saving. Even if she is the absolute wrong choice to lead her alma mater, if she is the spending-happy, back talking president some former and current members of the ASU Board of Trustees have made her out to be, two things remain clear about their relationship:

They picked her, and she doesn’t need them or the job to cap an already remarkable life and career.
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Return of the HBCU Intelligentsia

20 years from now, scholars and supporters may look back at 2012 as a year of desolation for historically Black colleges and universities. Federal and state funding cuts reached dramatic highs. Dozens of HBCU presidents retired or were unceremoniously dismissed from positions of leadership. Thousands of students were denied opportunity at higher education, and a similar number of faculty and staff members had their livelihood snatched in an effort to preserve financial austerity of institutions.

Two years later, little has changed in the way of funding and support for Black colleges. But 2014 may reveal itself to be a changing moment in the narrative on HBCU education, particularly in the areas of academic rigor and pop cultural appeal.
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