Grambling Fires AD, Men’s Basketball Coach

On the first day of her tenure as Grambling State University interim president, Dr. Cynthia Warrick fired university athletic director Aaron James and head men’s basketball coach Joseph Price.

The firings seemingly end the most tumultuous period in Grambling State sports history, as the university made national headlines for firing its most famous alumnus in Doug Williams, a boycott of Jackson State University’s homecoming game, and a combined 5-52 overall record in men’s basketball following NCAA APR sanctions.

“My primary focus as interim president is to move Grambling State University to a competitive position of excellence at every level,” Warrick said in a statement. “I have started the process of making several strategic changes in my administrative team, which is a customary practice in transitions such as this. The significant challenges facing Grambling make these decisions even more important, and I am committed to assembling the best talent possible in order to move the University forward.” last week published a statement from Price, who listed a variety of academic and recruiting accomplishments made in a low-resource, sanction-prohibited environment that made him describe the achievements as ‘miracles.’

“I feel great about the progress we made with the program over the last two years. When I took the head coach position, Grambling was facing serious NCAA sanctions that required us to focus on the academic eligibility, retention and the team’s graduation rate, which in summary is the Academic Progress Rate (APR).

Through strategic recruiting and monitoring the academic progress of our players, my staff and I were able to lead the program out of these sanctions and on a pathway to success in just two years. When you consider the fact that we were working in a limited resource environment, this was equivalent to working a miracle.

The program is now past most of the challenges and a foundation has been laid for a successful program. I believe that Grambling will have a winning season this year and I am grateful for the opportunity I was given to get the program on the right track.