Gunshots, Head Football Coach Fired at Morgan State?

Morgan State University was a lightning rod for coverage today, drawing national attention for dubious and dangerous circumstances surrounding its football team.

A Morgan football player is recovering in a local hospital after being shot in the leg earlier today near a campus apartment complex. The player, whose name has not been released by the university, sustained non-life threatening injuries after what police call a dispute-turned-violent.

The shooting take place less than an hour after members of the football team assembled on campus to support head football coach Donald Hill-Eley, who may be seeking a new job after receiving an inadvertent email from athletic officials discussing his potential firing.

The coach said he has faced greater expectations to win since David Wilson became the university’s president two years ago but said he has not received the bump in resources he would need to achieve that goal. He said four assistant coaches, for example, don’t receive health benefits from the university.

“He said the expectations had changed,” Hill-Eley said, recalling a conversation with Wilson. “But the input didn’t change, so how do you expect things to change on Saturday?”


  • Guest

    Coach Hill is not a very good coach or person. Morgan State has alot of talent this year. They need to bring in a new coach with a new direction. Also, coach Hill’s coaching staff has alot to desire. Two bright spots on his staff is the defensive coordinator and the linebackers coach and both of them are great men that lead by example. The coaching staff are very disrespectful to women especially the student workers who work in the football office.

    • jojo

      Coach Hill let go of several good coaches….

      • Chris

        yes indeed,one of which was long time assistant, Coach Davis

  • Bobby Swoope

    Please if you see this guy coaching and the other things that I saw you wouldn’t want him as a head coach. They had talent but the coaching had a lot to be desired. At HBCU’s you always here this bull from the sorry coaches about they didn’t have the resources! BCU coach didn’t make any excuses as he came in and got the job done. We keep circulating these excuse making none coaching folks and they think we should except a less than good job! Morgan what took you so long! FAMU I hope you are ready to make a real good decision on our next coach or we will be talking about his happening to us in the next couple of years if we don’t do it right this time in choosing a coach!

  • HBCU Alum

    I feel for coach Donald Hill-Eley. He is a solid coach and a good man. I don’t know when HBCU’s will realize that the only way to improve a program is to improve it’s resources. Al Davis used the phrase “Just Win Baby,” but it was in reference to his coaches, whom he provided everything they needed. Our HBCUs in general don’t get it. Especially the leadership and athletic departments.