‘I Love My SSU’ Infuses HBCU Support into Youth Culture

For many black folks, HBCU love is something to be born into, or forced through cultural immersion. With growing outreach from predominantly white institutions to black students, the need for HBCU cultural infusion grows greater by the day, and specifically among youth.

So books like ‘I Love My SSU‘ are critical tools in the effort to raise the next generation of HBCU students and supporters. From the website:

“This book follows Tiger (a fictional character) as he makes his way through campus starting from the top by Hill Hall all the way to the Theodore A. Wright stadium to cheer on the Tiger football team during homecoming,” says (author Desmond) Delk. “Along the way, he sees how excited the students, alumni and friends are about the university and homecoming, and in return Tiger is thrilled about the school and the game,” says Delk.

It is a simple story that communicates the robust legacy of Savannah State’s importance on its stakeholders and the community. It is the perfect answer for parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles who, while distant from the campus, who want to build the legacy of Savannah State in younger relatives.

More broadly, it’s the kind of effort that helps to build the Savannah State brand in elementary schools, church congregations, book fairs and other civic settings where the Tiger is a symbol of pride and community. With a children’s book, SSU sends a message about black college support in its purest form, free of political, ego driven agendas.

Who knows? Perhaps ‘I Love My SSU’ may become volume of 105 stories to ignite children about the history and potential of black colleges.