Jesus Deserves an Honorary HBCU Doctorate

The black church isn’t questioned about racial diversity, relevance, or leadership struggles. It thrives upon segregation, and in the face of mounting questions around new age religious outreach and doctrine, and collectively bad PR about leadership and transparency.

Several HBCUs, for the exact same reasons, face the possible indignity of closure and cultural disdain among African-Americans. Why does one scrape to survive and the other thrive in the face of similar cultural challenges?

When the church struggles, seemingly, parishioners work diligently against the words and ways of man interfering with the anointed work and people of God. When the HBCU struggles, it’s classified as the failure and incompetence of man that even God can’t correct. An interesting dichotomy, given that many HBCUs were either started by churches, or founded to train black clergy.

The black church promises spiritual salvation and the path to blessed living. The black college promises liberation from social ignorance and economic hardship. The two share common struggles for support, balanced representation in media and engagement for today’s black youth. They also share a lasting and vibrant legacy of political clout, community outreach and activism.

Yet only the black college faces angst and lethargy against its existence, with most of the hottest opposition coming from its own people.

Heaven help us. Seriously.



  • Bill Lowman

    These issues are not the same, Apples and Oranges. First try separation of church and state and then add in accreditation agencies and state educational standards for HBCUs. There is no one else to pay for or control what happens in the church but Black folk and we already know white people don’t want to pray with us so they are fine with the segregated Sunday’s and such. HBCUs represent power, always have and always will that’s why they have always been under scrutiny and control; why they want them gone. You refuse to talk about the ‘conservative’ compromise of HBCUs that grew out of JIM CROW terrorism when it truly was dangerous to be an uppity educated Negro. Could get you lynched and often did. The real question is whether HBCU administrators can find a way to really be of service to the black community and gain their support, before they are eliminated for no longer being of service to white supremacy. We all know what happened to black educators after Brown vs Board of Education. Like the Last poets said: you better find a cause to die for, cause your gonna die anyway, just because your black. RE-FRAME THE MISSION OF HBCUs. do or die.