Johnson C. Smith, Perkins Management Partner to Revitalize Charlotte West End

The Charlotte Post recently profiled the opening of a new Burger King franchise on the campus of Johnson C. Smith, a historic launch for the university and its growing influence in Charlotte’s economic development.

JCSU, in partnership with its food service vendor Perkins Management Services Company Inc, is on an ambitious goal to bring more jobs and food options to the West End. The area, considered to be a food desert with limited dining and grocery options, has been bolstered by the partnership, which recently debuted Laurene’s Cafeteria and will open a frozen yogurt and Creole-themed restaurant later this year on West Trade Street.

“The opening of the Burger King on campus is the first step in the transformation of the dining service experience at JCSU,” said Nicholas Perkins, CEO and president of Perkins Management Services. “We are excited about the future and the many great things we have in store for the campus and the community.”

The Burger King franchise, the first to open on a college campus in the state of North Carolina, employs 10 JCSU students – a fraction of the 150 jobs expected to arrive in the area by way of the four eateries. In an interview with the Post, JSCU President Ronald Carter lauded Perkins’ vision for economic development around the JCSU community.

“He has a deep commitment to building assets in historic black communities,” Carter said. “He’s unwavering on that and I just admire him for being that bold to address these issues.

  • Michael

    Wow. Talk about shoddy news reporting. Its 2014, and somehow this is news because a Multinational Corporation (MNC) decided to open a franchise on campus which sells unhealthy food. This is nothing to be proud about. Let me guess, Burger King has sapped all of the profits from other parts of the Charlotte or their profits are down so they were willing to take “the risk” to keep their shareholders happy. For the decision makers at JCSU, they should be aware how many universities find it incumbent for them to educate its students the importance of maintaining healthy lifestyles (e.g., eating healthy and exercise). Burger King does not meet this standard by any measure and should be viewed as nothing more than a continuation of HBCUs(some, not all) settling for second-tier food (e.g., those companies providing this service) for students who deserve first-tier food.

    For those who dissent, I would challenge you to venture to any Historically White College and University (HWCU) and compare the overall quality and food selection to a neighboring HBCU. Then, when you compare the prices the students pay per meal between the HWCU and HBCU, you’ll find there not a significant difference. The only difference is that at HWCU, one could actually take a young lady/man out to eat there, whereas, at many of the HBCUs, students dread the thought of eating this food daily.
    Until these so-called HBCU administrators’ began to value their students, they will continue to subject their students to eating Slave Food being masqueraded as Soul Food while destroying their health. Keep in mind, North Carolina is ranked number 35 for US State Health Rankings 2013.