Kenny Phillips Out at Fayetteville State

Fayetteville State University today announced that head football coach Kenny Phillips has been relieved of his duties. From the statement:

Fayetteville State University has made the decision to re-assign its Head Football Coach. Kenny Phillips held dual roles for the university during his 13-year tenure. In addition to leading the football program, he also served as a lecturer for the Department of Middle Grades, Secondary and Specialized Subjects. Mr Phillips will be reassigned to the department as a full-time lecturer. A committee is currently being established and a nation-wide search will be conducted to identify a new head coach.

  • loveme

    FSU don’t know what they just did. This is a man that won 3 championships. He made Fayetteville state football better with the help of the other coaches before Kenny Phillips that school was a losing school. Some people have bad seasons this was a bad season. I would understand if he had a lot of bad seasons but that’s not the case! Somebody obviously don’t like him there (not saying any names THE CHANCELLOR). That’s ok Kenny will be back not coaching Fsu but whooping their ass. Or in a better division that will give more money.. And that will be the CHANCELLORS fault.