LGBT Equality a Rising Issue at FAMU

The Famuan Newspaper today published a feature on the rising issues of LGBT inclusiveness and awareness on the FAMU campus. Amid protests for more defined terms of protection and tolerance in the university’s governing laws, concerns over deaths of student members of the FAMU LGBT community and outright examples of discrimination, many students are using organizational leverage to raise awareness for these issues and more.

In response to the growing activism of the LGBT community, in early December, the Student Government Association began working to include LGBT protection under the university’s non-discrimination policy.

“If there is one at FSU, I don’t see why there wouldn’t be one at FAMU,” said Fairell.

At the Jan. 31 safety forum, the Sunshine Manor announced the beginnings of FAMU ALLIES, designed to educate students about the LGBT community while addressing issues of homophobia in the black community and at HBCUs.