Livingstone Student Stabbed in Off-Campus Incident

Two Livingstone College students are recovering from injuries and a suspect arrested following a fight and stabbing that took place just outside of the college on Thursday night. According to the Salisbury Post, students Daulon Sampson and Charles Thomas were assaulted by Jaivon Scott following an earlier argument at a local grocery store.

“Sampson and Thomas told police that Scott yelled at them and threatened them, and when he approached them at the gate, he hit Thomas in the face.¬†Sampson ran over to help, but he fell to the ground when Scott reportedly came at him with the knife. Police say Scott stabbed Sampson in the leg, cutting a gash that was 4 to 5 inches long.”

Thomas also sustained injuries after being hit in the face with a broken bottle. Scott was charged with assault with a deadly weapon.