Marching 100 a Point of Emphasis in Tennessee State-FAMU Football Negotiations

The Tallahassee Democrat today reports on intensifying negotiations between the presidents at Tennessee State University and Florida A&M University, with the FAMU Marching 100 at the center of their talks on current and future plans for the 70-year-old football rivalry.

According to the Democrat, TSU President Glenda Baskin Glover wrote to FAMU President Elmira Mangum expressing a desire to assist the Marching 100 with travel expenses to Nashville for the Tigers’ Sept. 27 homecoming game.

In the letter, Dr. Glover details several offers rejected by Dr. Mangum and FAMU.

“We extended two offers to you to assist with FAMU band travel. These were: (1) TSU would pay the $60,000 cost for the FAMU band to travel to TSU this year, and FAMU would, in return, pay the same amount for the TSU band to travel to FAMU next year; or (2) TSU would extend a loan to FAMU in the amount of $30,000 to be paid back over the course of the 2014-2015 academic year.

“You declined both offers. Instead, you made an absolutely one-sided offer and stated that FAMU could not afford to come to TSU, and that TSU had to pay all expenses for FAMU to travel to Nashville this year. You further stated that even if TSU paid the expenses this year, FAMU could not reciprocate and pay for TSU to travel to Tallahassee next year.”

TSU sent the letter to the Democrat following quotes by Dr. Mangum published in Tuesday’s edition of the paper.

FAMU president Elmira Mangum vehemently told the 220 Quarterback Club, a FAMU support organization, on Monday that she wants a share of the revenues from the TSU game for the band to show up. Mangum spoke to the club at the University Club House on FAMU’s campus.

She said she’s unsuccessfully tried for about three weeks to negotiate her demand, estimating that TSU will make about $80,000 from the game.

“I need a whole lot of things before I let the band go to Tennessee State,” Mangum said. “So, that’s my position on it.”

Dr. Glover letter detailed another offer of a 60-40 revenue split between the two schools in the final two years of their home-and-home agreement.

“We are renewing our above offers, and we are further prepared to discuss other revenue options including TSU and FAMU sharing in the net proceeds this year at 60 percent-40 percent, respectively. In 2015, the percentage would be the same when TSU travels to Tallahassee with FAMU receiving 60 percent and TSU receiving 40 percent.”

  • g00se_81

    Did that dude write “Screw FAMU…we don’t need them!” He must have a reading comprehension problem, because apparently TSU DOES need FAMU (The HUNDRED)! Me thinks they’re hoping to sellout their homecoming.

  • Loretta

    Too bad they can’t agree to act like educated people.

  • Darryl V. Smith

    Screw FAMU, let them pay their own way for their band. We don’t need them!!!!!

  • 850girl

    This is messy!!! Shame on you TSU president.

  • Brian504

    This is the silliest *hit ever. These kinds of things should NEVER be negotiated in the media. Just because TnState wants the 100rd at their homecoming, doesn’t obligate FAMU to cough up one dime to send them.