Morehouse Athletes Accused of Rape, Kidnapping

Several outlets, including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and are reporting the arrest of several Morehouse College athletes accused of rape, kidnapping and aggravated sodomy.

Preliminary details of the case show that Malcom Jamal Frank,  Chukwudi Ndudikwa and Lucien Kidd were arrested between April 11 and April 15 for allegations of rape. Tevin Mgbo, Frank and Ndudikwa are also charged with aggravated sodomy and reckless conduct.

Information on the arrests or the suspects is not available on Georgia Department of Corrections website. Stay tuned for updates throughout the day.

**UPDATE** Here is the latest update from

“According to the incident report for Frank and Ndudikwa, on March 8, the two had non-consensual sex with a woman who was under the influence of an unknown substance.

Ndudikwa and Frank were arrested on rape and aggravated sodomy charges and Mgbo was charged with aggravated sodomy, kidnapping and reckless conduct.”

Morehouse today issued a statement this afternoon on the arrests:

In March, there were two alleged assault incidents involving Morehouse students. After the information was brought to the attention of campus police, the suspects were identified and arrested. While we cannot speak to specifics of these cases, our policies and procedures call for disciplinary actions against students who violate our code of conduct and the law, up to and including dismissal from the College. Morehouse has a zero tolerance policy related to violence of any kind. Violence is the very antithesis of the Morehouse ethos and the values of a Morehouse Man. Morehouse College police are working with the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office and will continue to do so until these cases are resolved.