It’s Training Day for Kellen Winslow and FAMU Athletics

“By definition, nobody does first-generation better than FAMU,” he added. “It’s that nurturing, transformative environment that you’re in. It’s the ability to come to a school that has high academic standards and a classroom that’s small enough where you get the attention — where people can lay hands on you on a daily basis and say, ‘How are you? What’s going on? How are things at home?’ That’s the culture. We let it get away from us to become known as a ‘black university,’ but that’s so inaccurate, because by that definition, there should also be ‘white universities.’ …”Our forefathers did not get this one right. They screwed it up for us, and we’re still trying to fix it.” - Florida A&M University Athletic Director Kellen Winslow

There’s no better quote that sums up the arrival of Kellen Winslow at Florida A&M University. 80 percent of his tenure has been thoughtful, passionate concern for how to reverse engineer an apathetic fan base, dwindling revenues and low awareness in a huge sports town. And 20 percent, the portion that gets the wrong kind of attention seemingly ever other week, regularly sounds and reads like lines of dialogue cut from Denzel Washington ‘Training Day’ outtakes.
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Marc Lamont Hill to Join Morehouse Faculty

Cultural critic, journalist and researcher Dr. Marc Lamont Hill will join the Morehouse College faculty this fall, the college announced this afternoon via Facebook. According to the post, Dr. Hill will serve as Distinguished Professor of African-American Studies.

Dr. Hill has appeared as a host and commentator on BET, CNN, Huffington Post Live, and other networks. He is the author of several books, and has held professorships at Columbia University and Temple University.


Where Will HBCUs Go in Revamped NCAA?

Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Commissioner Greg Moore recently told the Montgomery Advertiser that growing talks about revenue possibilities in NCAA sports are being made without consideration for historically Black colleges and universities.

“I believe the gap between the have and have nots is growing to the point where it’s becoming alarming,” Moore said. “When you have the average payout at a Power 5 conference school exceeds the top line revenue of all the HBCU conferences combined, that’s a problem,” Moore said. “That should be discussed. No one is talking about it.”

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