• http://www.windycityjags.com DuWarn V. Porter, MBA

    Dear Marcell,

    Obviously you do not understand what is going on or you have never needed to borrow money to get an education. In either situation you need to be brought up to speed. Most people who recieved the Parent Plus loan are trying to make a better lives for themselves. It is unfortunate that the educational system in this country has mixed priorities. Think about this would you rather pay to educate a dissadvantage student now or build a prison for him in the future. The later cost more than the former so we should all be for making college education affordable for everyone. Hmmm.

    DuWarn V. Porter, MBA
    Southern University A&M College c/o 93′

  • Marcell

    Perhaps if HBUC’s stop complaining and take an aggressive stance on educating its students and parents on establishing and keeping good credit, they wouldn’t have to be placed in such situations. I am former Director of Financial Aid from an HBCU, and it continues to wear my nerves that everytime a change is made by the Dept, HBCU’s and black folk want to cry foul and point the finger at everyone else but themselves. When will we finally get it together as a people. REALLY!!!

    • http://www.windycityjags.com DuWarn V. Porter, MBA

      Really you have no clue on what is going on and you should educate yourself on the situation that HBCU’s are facing before you make an ignorant comment like that.