Russell Wilson’s Family Ties to Norfolk State

The journey of Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has been well-documented, but often ommitted is his family’s great lineage of educated black men.

Among those men? Former Norfolk State University President Harrsion B. Wilson. From the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Dr. Wilson’s grandfather was a slave to a Confederate colonel and was freed after the Civil War. At age 18, he moved to Kentucky and started a farm.

He instilled the promise and idea of education in his 15 children, who in turn passed it on.

“It was interesting that while he had a big farm and had money, they didn’t think of that as being as important as an education,” Dr. Wilson said in tapes that are part of Old Dominion University’s collection of oral histories. “Most of us worked our way through college.”

Imagine Russell Wilson in the green and gold… We can always dream, right?