Shaw Board Chairman Addresses Presidential Search Concerns

Shaw University Board Chairman Joseph Bell today issued a statement in response to a HBCU Digest report published yesterday on the board’s presidential search, and concerns over the transparency and management of the selection process.

As per the rules established by the presidential search process and reflected in the position announcement, our search process is strictly confidential until the next president is named. To date, Shaw University has made no announcement regarding its next president. The search process is still in progress. The Presidential Search Committee and executive search firm have completed their work and the process is currently with members of the Shaw University Board of Trustees Executive Committee.

I must, however, address the inaccuracies within the HBCU Digest article “Questions Loom Over Shaw Presidential Choice, Search Process.” First, the search was conducted in an exceptionally exemplary manner and procedures were followed to the letter. In addition, the rules of the search were not changed. Shaw University distinguished alumnus and Raleigh Hall of Famer Dr. David C. Forbes, Sr. chaired the search and H.E.A.L. Global Consulting served as our executive search firm. Mr. Zow, CEO of HEAL Global, Inc. and his firm received outstanding and glowing comments from the search committee chair and other distinguished members of the search committee for the manner in which he assisted Shaw University. He managed the process with the utmost professionalism, integrity and timeliness. To suggest any other assessment of the process would simply be untrue and inaccurate.

Secondly, each member of the Presidential Search committee executed legally binding confidentiality agreements and the comments attributed to an “unnamed” member of the committee are unfounded, unverified and would constitute a breach of that agreement.

Lastly, since the search process is currently with the Executive Committee, the full Board of Trustees has yet to consider any candidate. Therefore, a final decision on Shaw’s president has yet to be made and the comments attributed to board members are erroneous.

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