Thomas Elzey Named South Carolina State President

Thomas Elzey, a seasoned chief financial officer at several prominent college and universities throughout the United States was today named the 11th president of South Carolina State University. Citing his experience in finance and in a variety of institutions, SCSU Board of Trustees Chairman Walter Tobin lauded Elzey as the leader for South Carolina State’s future.

“Elzey has handled billions of dollars. He has worked in the federal office. He has worked at an HBCU. He has worked at a large university and he has worked here in the state of South Carolina,” stated Dr. Walter Tobin, chairman of the Board of Trustees. “We hired him because we think that this university can move forward,” he continued.

The angst among SCSU students, alumni and even members of the board surrounding his hiring didn’t dim Elzey’s enthusiasm for his new job.

“It feels wonderful. It feels great,” Elzey said when asked about his feelings about his appointment as the 11th president of SC State University. “As the president of this University, I plan to utilize my knowledge in terms of management and administration to be able to do things in a more efficient and effective manner,” he said. “My intention is to move forward. I’m excited about growing some of our programs and working with the students. I am very sensitive to the challenges that the students face and I am conscience of the need to ensure that they receive a quality education.” I am excited about the future. I promise that they will not be disappointed.”