Virginia State Students Address Media Coverage of Campus

Students at Virginia State University recently posted a video in response to media coverage of recent controversy and violence involving VSU students.

  • C. Mack

    I graduated from VSU a few years ago but have never been more proud of my university! These young people have proven that you cannot paint every minority and negative incident with a broad brush. My VSU education and training have taken me to places I could not have even imagined when I was 18 years old. That foundational structure and togetherness; woking with intelligent individuals, sharing the same common goals have stood the test of time. The education I received has measured up to be just as good; NO even better than many ivy league institutions and for less money. Our history is diverse and rich. So as I complete my son’s application to VSU for Fall 2014, I say to all of my magnificent fellow Trojans…..Stand tall and keep your head to the sky (Earth, Wind and Fire)
    Christine Bullock Mack
    Quality Assurance Director
    Fort Eustis, VA.
    Class of 1978

  • Michael

    I would like to challenge all of the Virginia State University (VSU) students, faculty, staff, administrators, and definitely alumni(a) to either write and/or call the White racist mainstream media (e.g., local and national) to voice your displeasure in the negative manner in which it portrays VSU(e.g., historically and currently). Further, inform these media entities that if this slanted and bias reporting continues in reference to VSU, fiscally proactive measures will be taken against their advertisers(i.e., strategic boycotting).

  • Anonymous

    That’s whats up! Proud to be a Trojan!

    PS. Where can I get that Keep Calm shirt?

  • Michael

    I commend the students at Virginia State University (VSU) for having the chutzpah to respond to the continual White racist mainstream negative media coverage(e.g., local, and national) of VSU. In lieu of their efforts, do you think their verbal and visual(e.g., “everyone was literally frowning”) response indirectly perpetuated the negative stereotype (e.g., “rapping”, “spoken word”, etc.) as compared to responding using the highest caliber of “academic English”. In other words, the students video could have easily dispelled and debunked those negative stereotypes as created by the White racist mainstream media and others.
    My point is simple, do you think White students from an Historically White College and University would respond to an attack by the local media singing “Miley Cyrus” or “Katie Perry, etc.”? No. Thereby, the students at VSU should have taken this opportunity to display their professionalism and intelligence in a manner that did not feed into the negative stereotypes about Black students at HBCUs(in this instance, VSU).

    • Alexis

      They were not frowning, they just were not smiling. And why should they be? The only time they see a camera from the local news station is when something bad has happened. Too much good is continually going on at VSU to be constantly overshadowed by negative press. What about spoken word is a negative stereotype? If anything it is in the black oral tradition. Spoken word, an ancestor telling a story about civil rights, or even the call and response mechanism used in black churches are all in this tradition. Your response just proves that when it comes to VSU people see what they want to see. You have little understanding of what it means to be black in America or even in the neighbor areas of Petersburg. I applaud my fellow trojans for not only speaking out but doing it In the most natural way that they know. Why must we pretend to be something else when we wish to show the world who we are? VSU students not only embody the history of ancestors but also learn to perservere through the hardships that we face now and will face in the future as we try to build a better world.

      • Michael

        Re: Alexis,

        In all fairness, you completely misinterpreted my comments particularly concerning “spoken word” as used by Virginia State University (VSU) students. As I originally intimated, considering the magnitude of the public image or perception problem(as created by the White controlled media), that VSU should have responded in a manner the intellectually shamed the White racist mainstream media. In other words, if the White racist mainstream media consistently show negative imagery of VSU students(for whatever reason), as a matter of pragmatism, consciousness, and intelligence, why would VSU students willingly portray that image? How can you in any sort of good faith say hat I found even more ludicrous when you stated that “why must we pretend to be something else when we wish to show the world who we are?”

        In reference to your sparse explanation on “spoken word”, you definitely failed to explain the “actual, purposes, goals, and history”(i.e.,its dates back hundreds and even thousands of years and not just the Civil Rights Movement[1950s-1960s]). That being said, I would suggest that you revisit that aspect of African Diasporic history(respectfully). Further, I think it’s quite disingenuous, assumptive, and intellectually immature to make personal attacks for which you certainly lack verified facts on(e.g., “being Black in America” or not familiar with the “Petersburg area”).

        It’s very unfortunate that you somehow believe that the students from VSU (e.g., in the video) is really “showing the world who they are”. Nothing could be further from the truth. In other words, how many professors from the English, Communications, Political Science, or History department assisted the students substantively in preparing a video response to the incessant attacks by the White racist mainstream media that would be “truly representative” of the pinnacle of scholarship hailing from VSU. Alexis, you need to realize that the majority of students at our beloved HBCUs do not portray themselves as if they’re in the latest Cypher collaboration(e.g., akin to the VSU video). Alexis, “when was the last time have you written or called to local/ national White racist mainstream media voicing your displeasure in how they portray VSU”? I look forward in hearing your prompt response.

        Sólo los hechos, por favor(Just the facts please, in Espanol)!

  • Linda Noel-Batiste

    Wow! I am so proud of our students. Keep up the outstanding work. Your video production brought tears to my eyes.

  • Tina Kindred

    I am a Alumna from VSU and I love my school and the experience it has given me. I’m So Glad to be A Trojan Alumna

  • Mona Wells

    So true my young brothers and sisters we are more then what people see my daughter is a freshmen at vsu and she is doing very good there I love this school so keep your heads up.