Va. State: Off-Campus Shooting Victim Not a Student

Virginia State University officials yesterday issued a statement on its emergency response to a shooting that occurred near campus on Friday morning.

The victim, who some reports indicated as a freshman at the university, is not enrolled at the school and sustained non-life threatening injuries to his leg. In the statement, VSU released details on its recent campus safety initiatives.

Like many campuses across the United States, VSU is an integral part in the fabric of our neighboring communities. We continually educate our students on making good decisions, using good judgment and being aware of their surroundings. Our students’ safety is a paramount concern.

Over the past year, VSU has taken several tangible measures to increase our campus’ safety. These steps include:

  • Improving and increasing lighting throughout campus

  • Installing and updating camera systems, both outdoors and inside buildings

  • Increasing foot and automobile police patrols

  • Hiring additional officers both on-campus and at University Apartments

  • Reviewing MOUs with neighboring police agencies and holding regular meetings with our partners