WATCH – Battle of the HBCU ‘Happy’ Videos

Which HBCU takes the prize in the interpretation of Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy?’

Howard University

Bennett College for Women

Clark Atlanta University

Miles College

Morgan State University

North Carolina Central University

North Carolina A&T State University

Hampton University

Jackson State University

Winston-Salem State University

Voorhees College

Xavier University of Louisiana

Virginia State University

Tuskegee University

Rust College

Alabama State University

Kentucky State University

Virginia Union University

Florida A&M University

  • Flo

    Omg!!!! Are you serious?? Its just a showcase of different schools happy video. Someone stated that in a battle someone wins someone loses, true but at the end of the day its about about your sportsmanship cause in life u don’t win every battle but u still have to remain positive (happy) believing its going to work out for my good. This debate over what was done is another example why we the only race that don’t stick together cause we focus on dumb issues instead of the important ones!!!!! Southern U alumni!!!!!!!

  • Marquita FreeIndeed Dunn


  • Marquis H. Barnett

    I think I see what you all were attempting to do here; but a battle? I think that goes against the very spirit of what Pharrell was attempting to do with a.) this song and b.) this movement. Maybe you should just call this a “Showcase of HBCU ‘Happy’ Videos”.

    • Nicole ‘Hoopz’ Southall

      I couldn’t agree more

    • Larry Thompson

      Why make a big deal about the title “Battle of the HBCU Happy Videos”? This is just healthy competition where every school is the winner. The participating school are I’m sure getting exposure that they were not getting before because it is being spread by proud alums and students all over the internet.
      Besides, no one makes a fuss when we say “Battle of the Bands”. Just like that is a showcase of the talented musicians in the bands, this is a showcase of the talented students in the media departments of the participating schools.
      I think this is going right with the spirit of the song. These videos, playing Pharelle’s song, bring about a sense of pride, excitement and happiness when watching them if you attend or attended one of these great HBCU’s. I couldn’t wait to post on Facebook the video from my school, MORGAN STATE UNIVERSITY.

      • Marquis H. Barnett

        Honda’s Battle of the Bands actually brands itself as a “Battle of the Bands Invitational Showcase”. That aside, the two are incomparable. The Battle of the Bands is an annual event, whereas the one time posting of “Happy” videos is a phenomenon with a foreseeable end; that end being once your school, organization or group has already compiled one.
        A battle, traditionally, has been described as a fight between people or groups where each side tries to win a contest. There is no contest here. Happiness is not mutually exclusive: we can all be happy at the same time! Not the case with a battle – someone wins, someone loses. And losses typically result in a decline of happiness. Which is why my argument was that the “battle” went against the very spirit of the movement.
        Nevertheless, my Alma Mater (HOWARD UNIVERSITY), was one of the first to support this movement, and posted a rendition which I enjoyed watching and sharing with other Bison. I support HBCU’s, and have been happy to share all the HBCU Happy videos I’ve seen.

  • Shayla Moon

    Where is Bennett Colleges’ “Happy” video?