What Happened to Tom Joyner’s HBCUs Online?

Two years ago, Tom Joyner formally launched his idea for HBCUs Online, a concept that would bring distance learning to HBCU campuses and potential students. The promise then was “a process that would see students from registration to graduation.”

Then, I thought it was a good idea, but not great. I thought that while reaching out to minority students for online learning was a smart business move, I wasn’t sure if it was the right way to increase enrollment at HBCUs. And I certainly didn’t think it was the most awesome way to ensure students a solid path to graduating.

He disagreed.

So imagine my surprise to visit HBCUs Online today to see this:

What happened? Are they still registering students for programs at HBCUs? Are they continuing to solicit HBCU partners to sign up?

I would ask myself, but the last time I tried to have a conversation with Mr. Joyner about the initiative, I never heard back from him. Maybe he was on the Fantastic Voyage.

  • Brian504

    Tom Joyner pulled the plug leaving his partners high and dry to look for a back-up plan to fulfill their commitment to currently enrolled students.  *smdh*