Winston-Salem State Debuts New ‘Trading Room,’ to House Student Scholarship Investment Fund

Winston-Salem State University yesterday announced the debut of its new Trading Room, located in the university’s School of Business and Economics. The modern room, equipped with Stock Exchange ticker, 28 workstations and televisions monitoring financial news broadcasts from around the world, will provide students with facilities and equipment to augment their academic experiences at the university. The room will be the central location for a new Student Investment Fund, an initiative where students will manage stocks and investments to build a scholarship endowment for the School of Business.

“The trading room will add a new dimension to our curriculum which will be invaluable to our students and certainly support our efforts to bring in financial services practitioners to expand our educational opportunities,” said Nick Daves, director of the Center of Excellence in Financial Services at WSSU. “We will be able to teach investment classes with current market data in the trading room and it will be available to other parts of the university and to the Winston-Salem community. Additionally, the trading room will facilitate research on financial topics by students at the undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as by faculty. “