WSSU’s Inaugural Doctoral Grads Dismayed About Pinning Ceremony

Doctoral graduates in Winston-Salem State University’s physical therapy program are disappointed that the university won’t allow them to wear their academic regalia at a pinning ceremony to formally recognize their completion of the degree. The graduates recently told FOX 8 in Winston-Salem they were promised an opportunity to wear the regalia as newly confirmed doctors, but school officials changed those plans this semester in favor of a pinning ceremony.

WSSU Chancellor Donald Reaves says the formal commencement exercise in spring is the ideal moment for the university to showcase the first recipients of its highest degree.

  • Thoth

    And yet more fail by an HBCU. What would it have hurt for the students to wear their academic regalia during the pinning ceremony? Absolutely nothing, but like always, HBCUs have to make things harder than what they are.