XULA Awarded Patent for Pain, Heroin Addiction Treatment

Xavier University of Louisiana recently received a US patent for its breakthrough research in chronic pain and heroin addiction treatment.

The XULA College of Pharmacy created a new dosing formulation for the drug buprenorphine, which aids patients in pain management and narcotic dependency. When prescribed, XULA’s formulation will allow patients to take the drug once every three to six months, instead of daily.

Dr. Tarun Mandal, inventor of the dosage formulation and principal investigator of XULA research group which will soon test the effects of the drug, says he hopes the new product will aid in minimizing stereotypes and reducing costs of addiction to taxpayers, which he estimated at more than $400 billion a year.

“Opioid addiction is a medical condition; not caused by lack of morals, nor controlled by willpower, not cured by good advice. It is a disease as is cancer or diabetes.”