Meet the HBCU Billionaires Club

And the reason those companies have turned an eye towards Black communities? At some point, an HBCU graduate was hired in a key marketing or community development division of these companies who started a trend of support for HBCUs.

Can Delta Sigma Theta Save Alabama State?

Scholarships are nice, donations are good. But saving a school is something no organization would be able to claim, and it only takes a minimal effort from a lot of women to back their sister.

It’s Training Day for Kellen Winslow and FAMU Athletics

The task of fixing FAMU sports can work with Mangum, Winslow and the Rattler faithful, but all sides have to not only appreciate, but embrace the perspectives, skills and passion of all sides involved. 

Where Will HBCUs Go in Revamped NCAA?

Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Commissioner Greg Moore recently told the Montgomery Advertiser that growing talks about revenue possibilities in NCAA sports are being made without consideration for historically Black colleges and universities.