Maryland HBCU Lawsuit Leaves No Room for Mistakes in Selection of Next Chancellor

The lawsuit and the resulting court decision are of such importance as to require a transformative leader with fresh ideas; a leader who is less invested in the current system of higher education and more committed to change; a person who has not benefited from, or encouraged the unconstitutional practice of unnecessary program duplication at the sacrifice of a more economically efficient, socially effective and constitutionally sound system of colleges and universities.

Mason Raises Stakes in Fight for Southern’s Survival

Apparently, Mason can walk away from the devastating budget cuts, Baton Rouge’s infamous sociopolitical culture, and divided ranks among faculty and alumni. But if he does leave and doesn’t look back, what will be the survival plan for those opponents who stay?

Morgan State Presidential Failures Reveal Board Improprieties

The following is Part Two of a three-part series chronicling leadership struggles at Morgan State University, Maryland’s largest historically Black university.

Harris-Stowe State Should be Part of the Solution to Failures in Ferguson

All eyes should be on HSSU as class returns to session, and raging tempers, hopefully, transform into action for civil justice. Harris-Stowe is known for its criminal justice program, and should be a leading voice of criticism in how the city has botched police action, and on how the citizens have completely muted their own voices in the political process.

Breaking Down the HBCU Old Guard

The old guard is not always a bad group of HBCU stakeholders; while they can be unintentionally harmful to their schools with their staunch views on tradition and capacity, they can also be extraordinarily powerful in wielding political favor and financial support for schools in times of need. Hampton University, Howard University, Morehouse College, Spelman College and Tuskegee University are great examples of HBCU old guards that, more often than not, work in the best interest of the university.

Two Years After Failed Presidential Ouster, Morgan State at Leadership Crossroads

The following is Part One of a three-part series chronicling leadership struggles at Morgan State University, Maryland’s largest historically Black university.

Why is Steve Harvey Partnering with Strayer University and not an HBCU?

And before we accuse Harvey or any other Black celebrities of neglecting HBCUs by not donating their image, voice or star power to the cause, we should reflect on just how consistently Harvey and others represent for HBCUs free of charge. 

Yesterday’s HBCU Pride is Today’s HBCU Irrelevance

Hall of fame pro football talent from the 1960s through the early 1990’s has not landed one HBCU a top-25 recruit in the last 20 years. And over that same period, hundreds of iconic graduates of HBCUs in a variety of industries have not helped HBCUs to remain as the premier destination for the nation’s top-achieving African-American students.

Morehouse President to Black Journalists: Do Better

Are Black reporters doing a poor job of telling HBCU stories? Or are some HBCU presidents and PR officials overlooking Black-owned outlets and media as a legitimate source of media outreach?