‘Dear White People’ Movement Must Spur Historically Black ‘Welcome Back’ Movement

 We should never judge Black students or their parents for their successes, or their choices in how to expand success through education. But we also must clearly express that of the many battles we face as a people, focusing on the battle for acceptance in assimilation is the worst strategy possible, and that the fight for equity and resources in our own communities needs more young and upcoming generals.

HBCU Sports and the Culture We Keep

From historic and contemporary angles of achievement, Black colleges typically don’t give too many free passes on classroom performance. 

On HBCUs, White House Moves From Disregard to Dismantling

Not so long ago, historically Black colleges and universities were just a thorn in the side of the Obama Administration. We will soon long for those days, because signs of the administrative shift from disregard to attempts at dismantling HBCUs, are growing in frequency and impact seemingly every year.