White House Puts HBCUs in War Between Respectability, Accountability

HBCUs, the people who run them, the students who attend them, and the alumni who support them, don’t want any parts of this fight, especially with a president who has positioned himself and his rhetoric as the knockout artist sent to dispatch white racial animus and black self-pity at the same damn time.

The HBCU Geography Problem

HBCUs in rural locales lose their best talent and brain trust to metropolitan areas. Save for the few who can be recruited back in later years to serve as staff and faculty members, the HBCU brain trust produced in rural and remote regions often takes talent, treasure and attention to new cities and lives which await them. 

#TakeBackHU Signals Need for HBCU Adaptation to Millennial Power

Students protests for deplorable conditions and customer service at historically black colleges…