Alabama A&M Alumna, Tuskegee Professor Hadiyah-Nicole Green: The Million-Dollar Physicist

By: Anna Claire Vollers –

When Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green receives invitations to be a guest speaker for professional groups, schools and nonprofit organizations, she almost never turns them down.

“Usually if there is an invitation to speak at a forum like that, I accept it because I feel like it’s a responsibility,” she said. “There are so few of us (black women in STEM fields) I don’t feel like I have the luxury to say I’m too busy.”

By many measures, Green has been extremely busy. One of fewer than 100 black female physicists in the country, she recently won a $1.1 million grant to further develop her patent-pending technology for using laser-activated nanoparticles to treat cancer.

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  1. She is amazing and you go girl!!! Her work and speaking will definitely encourage other young black females to go into the STEM sciences.

  2. Cheese: why not ‘young physicists’ instead of black girlies? your racism overshadows your sincerity

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