Black Vote Will Play Significant Role in Alabama Senate Race Between Doug Jones, Roy Moore profiles the growing importance of the African American voting block in Alabama’s Senate race, pitting Democrat Doug Jones against Republican Roy Moore in a contest filled with controversy, high political stakes and racial allegiances.

Some political science experts say that 25 percent of the state’s 2.3 million active voters could swing the election in either direction, but there is no way to project how the more than 800,000 black citizens will respond on election.

One expert thinks the choice is clear.

“I think black voters have been completely ignored by the Moore camp and the Alabama Republican party,” said Derryn Moten, chairman of the Department of History and Political Science at Alabama State University. “I think that black voters are outraged that the Republicans and national media assume that Alabama voters – including black voters – will support Judge Moore irrespective of the allegations against him.”

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