Bowie State Extends Partnership with Environmental Protection Agency

Bowie State University and the Environmental Protection Agency today announced a five-year extension of their partnership to help diversify research, career placement, and professional training in the federal agency.

The extension broadens opportunities beyond existing parameters of the agreement, which was originally developed in 2009 and exclusive to the BSU College of Business. According to school officials, students from the university’s education, criminal justice and nursing programs will be eligible for career mentorship, and knowledge base and research exchange.

“Bowie State University’s partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency provides invaluable experiential learning opportunities that bridge learning from the classroom to the workplace, deepens the learning for our students, and prepares them for success after graduation,” said Bowie State President Aminta Breaux. “With enhanced access to the EPA’s research facilities and instrumentation, Bowie State can continue to strengthen its academic programs through curriculum development in areas such as public and business administration, education, and environmental policy, to name a few.”

The agreement comes as the agency faces mounting criticism over proposals to scale back regional protections and national regulations on emissions and clean water access.

In 2005, Bowie State was among six schools nationally recognized by the National Science Foundation and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration as a ‘Model Institution for Excellence’ in the sciences.

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