Chance the Rapper Tweets About Going to Clark Atlanta, HBCU Twitter Reacts

Acclaimed hip-hop artist and philanthropist Chance the Rapper made a surprising announcement on Twitter this afternoon. And then Atlanta University Center hilarity ensued.

Chance The Rapper on Twitter

I was tryna go to Clark ATL. I’m still tryna go. Like not honorary, the full blown ya dig. Can someone help me sign up

Morehouse College on Twitter

@chancetherapper The AUC is a great place to be. Morehouse is an even better House to call home! Welcome home my brother, we would love to have you in Atl.

Clark Atlanta Univ. on Twitter

@Morehouse @chancetherapper He said #CAU. Stop the madness.

Queen Dee on Twitter

@CAU @chancetherapper @SoldierField @Chiftblclass If he says yes, just know I’ll have my fee ready.

savage. on Twitter

@CAUAdmissions @chancetherapper so, y’all can answer his tweet in .02 seconds. but never answer ya phones or email???

Sexy Little Rubik’s Cube on Twitter

@chancetherapper I can fill out the online common app for you for a small 2 miilion dollar fee

Queen Dee on Twitter

@chancetherapper YOU CAN START BY PERFORMING AT OUR HOMECOMING THIS YEAR. Then we can make your schedule for the spring semester

champagnebiryani on Twitter

@chancetherapper You can bring all the dreadheaded ni**as to the lobby of the library we good.

#BigDocEnergy on Twitter

@chancetherapper I’ll look over your personal statement

Jennice Tashá on Twitter

@chancetherapper I got you baby

onewhosucceeds✨ on Twitter

@chancetherapper Lemme find out Chance going to Clark…. I’m going to grad school.

Jamill Amin Smith Sr on Twitter

@chancetherapper Pay for me we can go get educated and clown together lol

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