Colleges Eliminating SAT Requirements Will Drain HBCU Talent Pool

Abandoning test scores is the latest effort among colleges nationwide to attract minority students – just another part of the growing threat against HBCU enrollment.

  1. I am not so sure eliminating the test score requirement will drain the talent pool at HBCUs. I know for a fact that the drop in enrollment at my HBCU was directly attributed to the increase in standardized test requirements in order to get state funding. Once open enrollment was eliminated the overall enrollment dropped by 50%. So i think maybe not eliminating the requirment but not using it as the sole basis of admissions is the way to go. Look at JSU they went to open enrollment in MS and their student population has grown by 35% over the last few years. There are a lot of talented students who do not meet the requirements of standardized testing

  2. I certainly agree with the post, it will not deplete HBCU black student pool,in fact it just might increase enrollment at all HBCU so there

    1. I think we’re forgetting that eliminating test scores is a form of marketing, to attract minority students to schools which can offer more in scholarships, diverse degree programs and modern facilities. This isn’t about the scores; it’s about what gets black students to apply and enroll and where.

      Never forget – only one out of every 10 black college students attends an HBCU. Why is that?

  3. Potentially,it can but if a student want to attend an HBCU,a lack of test scores will not stop them from wanting/ attending one.

    If non Black schools decide to do away with SAT/ ACT exams, HBCUs should do the same .Along with that,they school to find ways to keep their tuition as reasonable as possible and create things to draw more students into their schools.

    Tuition cost..not SAT scores prevented me from attending an HBCU. By the time I learned about Albany and Savannah State Universities ,it was too late. Then again,I wanted to be in Atlanta.

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