Digest After Dark – Whose Mama is That Up in the President’s Office?

We talk with Tiffany’s mother, Rosita, about being an HBCU parent in the 21st century. 

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  1. Advocacy for your child doesn’t end because he or she attends an HBCU. My husband and I learned this when our son attended two very well known and popular HBCUs. Some of the administrators, professors and office workers were VERY callous, indifferent, unjust, rude and truly believed that they were not accountable to us as his parents, for positive outcomes in terms of our son’s education. We had to persevere and show them otherwise. African American parents, especially if you are the parent of a male child, have to fight for him at every grade level, in every school, and especially if he is “intellectually gifted.” Schools will go after that male child if parents are not vigilant. After fighting NYC schools for 12 years we thought we could relax and let him enjoy a worry-free college and graduate school experience at two different HBCUs. Not so. We had to fight them too so that our son would get his due. A word to the wise parent- DO NOT DROP your guard or advocacy for your son or daughter because he or she attends an HBCU. These schools are expensive and should NOT be allowed to treat our hard earned tuition money and the educational future of our children in a cavalier and indifferent manner.

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