Digest After Dark – Ya’ll Know Those Nigerian Professors Love Us

We discuss the differences between the undergraduate and graduate HBCU experience, culture clashes among international faculty and students, and if HBCU culture can change to accommodate millennials.

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  1. One of the people…I thought that he said that his name was Malcolm..was saying that Chemistry isn’t a Black man’s sport?

    Whether I went to an HBCU,PWI or PBI when it comes to science and math,those are areas that shouldn’t be about Black or White ..it should be an area that someone is interest in ..and areas that should be very important areas of study for students.

    With that being said, as a PWI graduate with a brother and grandfather who attended HBCUS, I have noticed the differences between the two. .or three. Whenever,I visited Spelman College/ Morehouse Colleges,the students exuded a pride..a cultural pride that they loved expressing.They were family regardless of what college the Black student went to. With Clark Atlanta ,they seemed grounded ,lively and like Spelhouse, that family feeling was there .They made me feel like I was part of their family.

    Academic wise, there were classes my brother had that I have never seen but would have been very beneficial to an African American woman like myself or anybody who wanted to learn an accurate understanding of African/ African diasporic history as well as learning about speech and culture. Though my brother said it was difficult understanding some of it,he did well.

    Far as African/ Caribbean professors
    at my PWI, With the exception of one of them ,the rest were great . My ex professor was from Mali and he was a serious nutcase.He was backwards to the point where my White instructor got annoyed with him and so did my class.When my instructor told him about his backward style of teaching,he didn’t listen to her. My complaint was more about his funky attitude opposed to his way of teaching. Oh yeah..he also would love to think you had a learning disability if you couldn’t solve a problem. Eventually,he got the boot because a student complained after he wrongly accusec him and some other students of cheating.They came from all backgrounds.

    I’m like this: I like being challenged and I like learning new things but just because someone cant get ones style of teaching doesnt make them slow. I’ve learned about some of their styles and it can be thorough and long ..depending on how you see it but an understanding teacher would not be so quick to judge their students. Just because a person teaches one way doesn’t mean everyone teaches on the same model.

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