Digest After Dark – Ya’ll Really Believe in These Rankings, Ha?

We discuss the recent US News & World Report rankings, and the latest HBCU to sign up with Nike.

  1. No we do not. The only part of the rankings I even consider is the HBCU rankings. And since some of the metrics used is incomplete and does not give a full view of the schools it is even looked at sideways as far as I am concerned. Again I will say it and say it till I am 6 feet under, WE NEED TO COME UP WITH OUR OWN HBCU RANKINGS AND USE METRICS THAT MATTER TO OUR INSTITUTIONS. Drop the mic

  2. Rank the institutions based on their outputs/outcomes: graduation rates, retention rates, and transfers-out rates. Other considerations should be endowment sizes, alumni giving rates, and average salary. These are the metrics which matter to key stakeholders and potential donors. Additionally, we need to get out of this attitude that we need to be ranked separately from PWIs, as we have to compete against them for students, funding, athletic attainment, and employment (placement and attainment). Additionally, which students are chosen to complete surveys? How many faculty and staff actually complete the surveys claiming to be students? These surveys are aesthetically pleasing, but should not be used as recruitment tools because they are largely subjective.

  3. Very interesting discussion J.L. Carter. While I no longer work at an HBCU, I am an HBCU parent. Always a fan of your work as a colleague now I am a fan as an HBCU parent.

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