Donor List

Below is a list of all of our individual donors who have generously donated or subscribed to help the HBCU Digest achieve its goals of eliminating advertising from non-HBCU and non-black owned businesses, and expanding coverage through increased production and personnel.

Your contribution, or subscription will automatically add your name to our list. If you have signed up or donated and do not see your name listed, please contact us at hbcudigest-at-gmail-dot-com.

Tiffany B.
Michael S.
Claudia R.


Autumn A.
Cavette B.
Chanel Q.
Kionne J.
Orze K.
Taylor S.
Monroe M.
Mallory M.
Winston C.
William B.
Keith H.
LaTasha A.
Dominique T.
Jessica H.
Brandon T.
Antione T.
Drew L.
James B.
Jerell B.
Emmanuel L.
Belle W.
Eric P.
Kevin B.
Canela E.
Zach F.
Johnny T.
Laurel B.
Paulette D.
Cynthia F.
Steven H.

Keneshia G.
Michael H.
Kali N.
Darlyn D.
Brandon T.
Kenn R.
Ashley R.
Fredrick L.
Elmira M.
Brandon B.
Kevin D.
Roxanna B.
Roslyn A.
Alisa M.
Mary O.
Brandon D.
Marie M.
James G.
Carlos M.
Ciara M.
Victoria R.
Samuel R.
Qasim A.
Kisha W.
Beverly G.
Desiree I.
Dianne S.
Israel E.
Edwina H.
Cheryl W.
Leon C.
Ashley P.
Percy J.
Diane B.
Marilyn M.
Nancy K.
Keith C.
Ann P.
Brian S.
Nilajah S.
Jerome W.
Tashni D.
Monique O.
Valerie G.
Cy G.
Jill K.
Susanne P.
Mark S.
Joseph J.
Barbara B.
Larry W.
D. Scales
David H.
Alethia B.
Joy M.
J. Glenn
Sandra D.