Fayetteville State Chancellor James Anderson: “We Have to Change Our Thinking About the Four-Year Degree”

Dr. Anderson discusses FSU’s recent $10,000 online degree initiative, outreach initiatives with military learners, and how HBCUs can stay ahead of changing trends in higher education.

  1. I agree we do have to change out thinking. Most HBCUs accepted Junior College level students. But with state mandates and funding issues HBCUs have to go after higher caliber of academic students. But those Junior College kids are still in need of the nurturing environment that HBCUs provides. So rethink our degrees at 4 year schools by partnering with Junior Colleges and make Associate Degrees and Bachelors Degrees one in the same.

  2. If possible,I would like to see more associate degree programs in HBCUs. I admit, it has always baffled me into why most colleges/ universities..HBCUs included ..dont have associate degree programs in their schools?

    While I don’t know if the idea can fit some colleges. I will say that as much as people joke about them,associate degrees have value on them…more than people get . As a person with both an associates/ bachelor’s degrees,it has helped to save money,helped me gain two degrees

    Also,I call associates degrees
    ” decisionary degrees”..you can stick with your degree or move further and depending if you want to attend your junior year at another college,it may cut your time being at your prior college. Although I continued my education at the same university, I’ve met some other who transferred with their associates at my school.I would also like to see more satellite colleges and the online schooling.

    Most of all,I would love to see potential/ students be able to raise graduation rates but keeping the students motivated to graduate from school. Not only would I like to continue to see more programs created for it but also ways for HBCUs to be in reach and more affordable.

    Im thankful for my associate degree. Years ago,they had two year HBCU colleges .Im hoping that it can be included on 4 year public/ private HBCUS

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