Grambling State Improves Fiscal Health Rating By 100 Percent

Grambling State University has made dramatic improvements in its institutional fiscal health score, the university announced this week.

In a release, GSU officials credited spending cuts, increases in federal and state grantmaking and increased revenues from licensing agreements as key elements of its score doubling from 1.3 to 2.6 in two years, according to a new report issued by the University of Louisiana System. 

“It’s been a team-wide effort. As a part of our commitment to innovation, we’ve engaged new talent and alumni from across the U.S. who not only understand our charge but offer us expert perspectives and thought leadership.”

Grambling State University President Rick Gallot

“Grambling State University is experiencing a renaissance. Its vastly improved fiscal health is yet another indication of the effective leadership and hard work occurring at all levels of the institution. From its enrollment numbers to its operations, it’s exciting to see the rapid and significant advancement of this historic institution.”

University of Louisiana System President Jim Henderson
  1. Good grom GSU still recovering from the systematic racist effort by former governor Jindhal and congress to close and merge the public HBCUs in LA. Not only has GSU started to recover but thrive again. And lets not forget the success of GSU athletics over the last few years. That is definitely related to the increased revenues in licensing.

  2. Great Leadership inspires great commitment from those who believe in your goals and follow you. Continue to be the great “Transformational Leader” that you are President Gallot!!

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