Is a Bad HBCU Football Product Driving More Attention to HBCU Marching Bands?

Some revealing statistics may show why HBCU football fans have more affinity for marching bands than the football product.

  1. Yes in HBCU football has always been about the halftime show. However a good football player does still get noticed and still gets drafted to play in the NFL not matter how bad the team is. But historically the performance of the band has been and will always be a main attraction in HBCU football.

  2. No. Its a great thing .Look at how some people react to the Superbowl. One of things people do is question about the entertainment of the Half time show ( though I’m not concerned about it now as I’m not watching none of it.Even if I were,the idea of Maroon 5 being the top act? That sucks!)

    It’s pretty much the same with HBCUs and Black high schools. They want to be entertained by something else while the players are taking a break.Besides, It’s a tradition in the Black community

  3. Remember this fact and never FORGET THIS: Just look at the Southeastern Conference in NCAA football. The SEC dominates football. Those same players would have attended most of your SWAC or MEAC schools 30 or 40 years ago prior to the SEC signing black football players in the 1970’s. Tennessee State University (HBCU) led the NFL with players drafted in 1978 or so.HBCU’s don’t have the resources to compete for top players like Alabama, Georgia, Florida, LSU or Auburn. HBCU’S are getting the remaining talent left over after the PWI programs snatch up all the top talent.

  4. I wouldn’t let my son play for hbcu period. Anytime people go to see a band over the game is crazy. You keep hearing hbcu this and that..well pay the players like the big schools do and you’ll get the players…its always an excuse.. To add why don’t they play in the D1A play offs? And how can your just crown a black national championship without a game or play offs..he I’m just stating the facts people.. Do go to your leaders ta Oprah blah blah and ask them to pony up some money and see how or if they care…

  5. Uhhhh…..its against NCAA rules to pay players. And HBCUs do play in the playoffs….with the exception of the two that go to Liberty Bowl.

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