Is Southern U Returning to Greatness?

Increased enrollment and corporate partnerships highlight the fall semester in Baton Rouge.

  1. There is definitely a trent upward at SUBR and SUS. However there is clearly some internal issues that need to be resolved before SUBR campus is back over 10,000 students. One issue is housing. We (alum) just dont have the capacity to house more than 10,000 students on campus. Years of financial neglect from the State of LA has resulted in too much deferred maintenance on campus. To the point it would be more cost effective to build new dorms as opposed to restoring old ones.

  2. I feel that SU is a great college but the appearance of the college grounds needs to state more beautification…to give the students more healthier look on the appearance as well as academics….

  3. Changes are coming, with the new admission policies, that will have less way on SAT and ACT scores. I see huge gains in enrollment coming to both SUBR AND SUNO, but with over 100 million in deferred maintenance in the SU system, it’s going to take a MASSIVE overhaul, and I dont see that happening soon. I see progress, but where SU wants and needs to be it’s going to take something big to change in the governor’s office

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