Morris Brown President Stanley Pritchett to Resign

Morris Brown College President Stanley Pritchett will resign at the end of this month, college officials announced this afternoon.

Pritchett, who has served as president of the embattled institution since 2010, informed the college’s board of trustees of his resignation plans at the beginning of the academic year according to a release from the school. Officials praised Dr. Pritchett for consistent leadership in helping the school to move towards reaccreditation and bolstering its enrollment years after losing its accreditation in a financial aid scandal along with virtually all of its student body.

In 2015, Morris Brown entered into an agreement with a federal bankruptcy court to satisfy its Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing from August 2012. But a condition of that agreement, the sale of land donated to the school by Clark Atlanta University for academic purposes, was struck down by Georgia’s Court of Appeals last fall.

  1. Sad to see the war on eliminating HBCU’s continuing by State institutions designed to ensure justice and fairness for all.

    1. The development of select public HBCUs is definitely a factor in the struggle of private HBCUs. And what’s the takeaway? That the bigger institutions shouldn’t grow, or if the privates should consider consolidation to preserve their missions?

  2. I swear if I keep seeing all these articles about HBCU bad news..Im going to scream.

    Now that Mr .Pritchett is going to resign, I wonder how this will turn out. Supposedly, he was trying to gain reaccreditation for the school and possibly( through SACS ..a long shot) get it by 2019.

    Im going to keep the faith and just seeing this as another block, that needs to be fought …knowing that you’re almost near prosperity. In spite of this, I hoping that his replacement will be fierce enough to keep up the fight until MBC reopens.

  3. I doubt the AME church will help. They refused to help Morris Brown. Another AME College lost its accreditation. What does that say about the Bishop he sits on the board of all the colleges affiliated with the AME church

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