NBA Star Chris Paul: “I’m One of the Few People in My Family That Didn’t Go to an HBCU.”

NBA All-Star and Houston Rockets guard Chris Paul has made headlines recently with fashion choices that promote historically black colleges. 

One choice, a Texas Southern University sweatshirt, drew an inquiry from FOX 26 Sports Director Mark Berman, who tweeted about Paul’s response to rocking the HBCU gear. 

Mark Berman on Twitter

Chris Paul (@CP3)on wearing his @TexasSouthern @TXSOTigers shirt opening night:”It’s special..Texas Southern, we did an event w/ them last year.HBCUs(historically black colleges/universities) mean a lot to me.I’m probably 1 of the only people n my family that didn’t go to a HBCU

Paul, who serves as president of the NBA Players Association, is part of a growing delegation of current and former players in the league showing financial and cultural support to historically black colleges in recent years. 

  1. I get what Chris is saying.In my case,a lack of affordability is what kept me from attending an HBCU. In prior times,I wanted to follow the doorsteps of my kin: my grandfather, great- grandmother ( who went to Spelman) ,uncle .I wanted to be a Spelmanite and keep up the tradition but couldn’t.

    The closest that I was able to ” go” to Spelman/ AUC was going there for research for Black related issues and and taking a continuing education course in beginning computers but it’s not quite the same as being a full fledged student at the canpus.

    Though I wasn’t able to formally attend an HBCUI do my best in trying to educate others about attending an HBCU (if they’re interested in going to one or to college,period). Recently, one of my nephews confessed that he felt more comfortable going to a Black high school than he did at the White high school he went to. I got big eyed with hope when he mentioned that. Hmmm…maybe me,his mom or his dad can slide him over to go to an!

    Seriously, he mentioned about going to my alma matter.Its not an HBCU but it has a great deal of Black students in it. If the weather is nice,I may go to the Spelhouse homecoming. I’m going to ask him he want to go. Hopefully,he’ll day yes. Maybe he’ll have some fun, get to know different people ..and mostly be encouraged to attend the Morehouse, Clark or some other HBCU.At the end ,the choice will be his. Even if he don’t ,it’s all good.

  2. I think he CP III is setting a good example, the marketing and promoting of HBCUs. Obviously TSU is in Houston and he is showing his support for the HBCU in the city he plays professional basketball. He is a celebrity and this is a nice move. He has donated money to TSU don’t see a problem with that, more celebrities need to do the same.

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