North Carolina A&T Football is the Truth

Two big wins on national television over respectable mid-major PWIs in Jacksonville State and East Carolina have given the North Carolina A&T State University Aggies a lot in just two short weeks. Greensboro is now home to a national champion with 14 consecutive wins, added legitimacy to their HBCU national title, and claim to a big bump for the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference’s profile.

The Aggies are sitting atop the wave of improved talent and exposure for HBCU athletics, which in the last two years has seen an influx of talented high schoolers and transfers helping to boost increased broadcast exposure of the HBCU football brand. That exposure has delivered instant classic games and social media traction from former HBCU stars.

Like former Aggie and NFL rising star Tarik Cohen trolling East Carolina after the Aggies’ win.

But more than being a good team with years of building towards a sound program, North Carolina A&T has the institutional stock to ensure that the football product has a chance to remain viable for years to come. As the largest four-year HBCU in the country for the last three years, Aggie athletics has a pool of resources in student fees and corporate buy-in to keep up its best-in-class recruiting and coaching support.

Facilities are being improved, it’s regional media coverage is becoming more favorable, and because of its national alumni base, ‘Aggie Pride’ is something that can trend every weekend in front of fans, donors and high school prospects.

And it doesn’t hurt to have the Greatest Homecoming on Earth.

Another undefeated season or a MEAC title and Celebration Bowl victory is the next step for A&T position itself as the next great mid-major program to knock on the door as a potential national brand.

  1. Congrats to NC A&T both the football program and its academic success has been growing the last few years. Now being the largest HBCU, the sky is the limit for “Aggie Pride”

  2. Do not be surprised that a power 5 conference outside the MEAC has their eyes on A&T making the huge move to FBS. Athletics is about money and this particular conference understands how to make money and how to market its product. Facilities will have to be improved but A&T is preparing for the invitation,

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