Papa John’s is Looking to Rebrand with Diversity. Zero Relationships with HBCUs Isn’t Helping

The path to redemption for a national pizza chain may begin with partnerships in the HBCU community.

  1. If Papa Johns really wants to do more for people of color than establishing relationships with HBCUs is critical. Hiring HBCU alum in corporate office and put more stores on and around HBCU campuses. Also, a lot of Business Schools at HBCUs could use a donation from Papa Johns.

  2. Same CEO..nasty pizza..I think not! A leopard never changes his spots.

    I just find it incredibly irritating how people like their CEO will discriminate against Black people and/ or bad mouth them but soon as they get caught in the act,they want to beg us to come back for more mistreatment.

    Self love is getting lost and the last thing I want to do is lose my dignity supporting businesses that wrong me because of who I am.

    Far as their ” comeback”? Naw..they can have it. I rather go 70 miles to a respectful eating establishment than to look like a fool for them.

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