Roland Martin Shames HBCU Presidents for Lack of Media Outreach

Journalist Roland Martin took to Twitter this afternoon to chastise HBCU presidents and chancellors for a lack of media outreach from the campuses, specifically to his digital media outlets.

In a lengthy thread, Martin said that his efforts to find research on HBCU social media channels did not prove helpful in finding black college expertise.

Martin’s most recent broadcasts with HBCU topics include a response to a Twitter follower about his attending Texas A&M University, an alleged prostitution ring at Fort Valley State University, gerrymandering impacts on North Carolina A&T State University and voter suppression at Prairie View A&M University’s campus-based polling sites.


  1. Mr.. Martin, Thank you for your constructive critique. HBCUs have a lot of good material. Take a look at the college\universities where the three political candidates you mentioned received their undergraduate degrees. Stacey Abrams: Spelman College; Mike Espy: Howard University; Andrew Gillum: Florida A& M. These are HBCU graduates. Many HBCU’s are Research level institutions with an array of funded projects.many have professional schools in education, social and health sciences and strong undergraduate and graduate STEM programs. Some, like Howard even have named endowed chairs and named endowed professorships as well as subject- area focused Centers. It is an honor to hold these named chairs and professorships, and the holders are expected to appear in forums such as yours and are happy to do so. But they do need assistance in making the connections. Enter the University’s PR folks. Also, HBCU could list\rotate their outstanding alumni who could serve as subject area experts. Your piece is a resounding wakeup call. HBCULover IV

  2. e.g., Donna Brazile, “veteran political strategist” is the 2018-2019 Gwendolyn S. and Colbert I King Endowed Chair in Public Policy at Howard University. Howard also has the Ron W. Walters Leadership and Public Policy Center. A stroll through an HBCU’s NewRoom and Archive is usually guaranteed to turn up some excellent gems. However, one should not go just to the University’s main website, especially at larger HBCUs one MUST go to the individual website of a particular school\college within that HBCU on a deeper dive to find more info, stories, and subject area experts. One would go to the School of Law, or the College of Engineering, College of Medicine, etc. at an HBCU. The schools and colleges are usually listed under “academics” on the main website. We’re in this together.

  3. Wonderful and much needed critique and suggestion. Heavy teaching loads are true impediments to active research at most HBCUS but serious research and insights are available!!!
    Thank you Roland Martin.

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