SOCIAL – Tennessee State President Holds Private Commencement Ceremony for Student Suffering from Illness
Courtesy: John Cross – TSU Media Relations

Tennessee State University President Glenda B. Glover held a private ceremony for Ajoi Alexandria Wallace-McFarland, an accounting graduate who could not attend commencement exercises on campus because an illness. From the TSU Media Relations post:

Ajoi, who is from Wisconsin, said tests are still being run to determine what exact illness she has, but she remains optimistic. “I just believe in God and know that He always comes through; He always makes a way.”

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  1. Dr. Glover: Absolutely wonderful. The private ceremony was a spectacular gesture for Ajoi and her family. Her bravery and diligence should certainly be recognized. Thank you so much.

    Dr. Peter Millet, President, Stillman College

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