Southern Audit Alleges Nathan Haymer Misappropriated More Than $300K in Band Funds

Former Southern University Human Jukebox band director Nathan Haymer has been accused of depositing more than $300,000 of funds received for band activities into personal accounts, according to a new report from Southern U. System auditors. 

  1. The university is only plugging more in to making Mr. Haymer look bad but yet. I bet all those on the Council Board at the University are stealing money as well. And besides If you look at it, the money was not taken completely it was used in a way for the band. Some of that money was used towards instruments and supplies. Not personal use. Like Mr. Haymer said the University pays him good enough so why do you think he would take more when he already has enough! Let’s see the University audit all those on the Council board and see if they are stealing. Same issue happen at LSU a couple of years ago. LSU Council Board Fired LSU Band Director Roy King for giving out scholarships to the Golden Girls which is the dance team which they claim the Golden Girls are not part of the Band which is BS. Golden Girls have always been part of the Band. But go figure the Council Board Fired the Band Director. I bet the same thing as well. Two universities same issue but yet let’s see the Council get Audit and get embarrassed.

  2. Yeah the board is to blame on this one. They actually instructed him to do this and lets not miss the fact that the Board did not like Haymer not giving them access to the money the band raised through sponsorship and extra performances. That is why the board set him up.

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