SUNO Police Officers Accuse Chief of Changing, Falsifying Police Reports

Leadership and members of Southern University at New Orleans police department have differing stories on what the officers allege is a record of doctoring and providing false information on police reports from department chief Bruce Adams.

SUNO police officers describe dysfunction at department; chief defends actions

The police chief at Southern University at New Orleans is coming under heavy criticism after a series of episodes that prompted some officers to file formal complaints to top university administrators and have some observers calling for an independent review.

One incident alleges that a contract groundskeeper was wrongfully arrested at Adams’ request after admitting that he had a registered gun in his vehicle, and that details of his arrest were changed on official documents.

Adams was hired in December 2015 as the school’s third police chief in nine years, following dismissals of previous chiefs for misappropriation of school resources and malfeasance in civic leadership roles outside of the campus.


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